Principal's Address

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding." -Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein’s thought provoking words are not just words but are the beacons of light that can guide our lost, thirsting souls into a universe filled with global peace and brotherhood. The world, today, is battling with confrontations amongst nations, the constant violations of human rights and the ever looming threats of destruction and annihilation. What we desperately need are citizens who are well versed with the futility and nihilism of wars and in whose hearts and minds peace finds resonance.

Through MUNs, students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the UNITED NATIONS. It involves and enhances research skills, public speaking, debating along with critical thinking, leadership abilities and effective conflict resolution.

SFS MUNB will be providing one such platform to the young leaders and global citizens of tomorrow to step up to their responsibility towards their nations and towards Mankind as a whole. By pro-actively engaging in this intellectually challenging simulation of world politics and shifting power dynamic between nations, students will get a chance to hone their debating and deliberating skills. We hope to provide a space where students can engage in dialogue and conflict resolution as opposed to empty rhetoric. The objective is to provide just, equitable and lasting solutions to world problems so as to give peace and humanity a chance.

Rev. Bro. Antony D. Vayallil