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Children, are you curious...

A curious student will have at least one strange visitor every day - A visitor who will grab his attention and enthrall him, a visitor who will arouse his curiosity. Who could these visitors be? They aren’t personalities from the world of glamour and glitz, but they are just small delights that the world around us offers, delights that are often lost to our busy, adult eyes. Do you wonder who these visitors could be? Yes, they are the small yet essential parts of God’s creation - a chirping sparrow, soothing breeze, gentle rain, a rainbow in the sky, a colorful butterfly, a running stream of water, a little duckling swimming in a pond, a blooming rose, a falling leaf, or even a lofty mountain or a speeding horse. Each of these visits his eyes and fills them with wonder. He marvels at the beauty and form of these aspects of creation which sets his little mind thinking and imagining. He starts questioning and looks for answers.

How often have we heard a child ask ‘Why is the rose red?’ or ‘Why are there so many colours in a rainbow? We have been at a loss when it comes to answering such questions. And it is this very questioning mind that reveals an awareness of the world around and leads to amazing discoveries and inventions. For me, Curiosity is an essential ingredient that every child should have to be a student. It is from this very curiosity that every knowledge is born. Over the years we have created a generation that will wonder at only the man made wonders of the world. We  have ceased to live in communion with nature and have lost all links with it. How many of us explore in the garden with wonder to see a blooming flower or a flying butterfly? This is the reason why we grow unaware of the threats that we face, until they shatter our very dreams for tomorrow.

Every educator is ready to unfold before you the wonder of nature and open up realms of new learning. But ask yourselves - Am I curious?

I wish all young learners dare to dream their tomorrow. I am sure we will unfold some of life’s greatest lessons in the classroom. So be curious….