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Parents Teachers Association

The first PTA core committee meeting of the academic year was held on 09 September 2017 Saturday at 8:30 am, the meeting started with the prayer song by the co-ordinator – Mrs. Bency to spread peace and harmony. The Academic Supervisor – Mrs. Nirmala Jones welcomed all the PTA members. And members introduced themselves.

President Bro. Antony Vayalil welcomed all the PTA members for the academic year 2017-18.

The following members of PTA were present for the meeting.

President           : Bro. Antony D Vayalil (Principal)       

Administrator    : Bro. Michael D’Cunha

Secretary          : Ms. Kirana Kumari S (Admn Staff)


• Mrs. Niramala Jones (Academic Supervisor)

• Mrs. Bency J (Co ordinator)

• Mrs. Sonia Madtha (Co ordinator)

• Mrs. Cressida Alex D’Souza (Teacher)

• Ms. Madhuri Virmani (Teacher)

• Mrs. Magdelene Mary (Teacher)

President Bro. Antony Vayalil in his address to the PTA core committee members made the following points;


• The PTA Committee Members are the facilitators to communicate on behalf of the parents to the management. It is not a decision making body.

• The committee member will bring to the notice of the management any important, serious or common issues concerning academics, co-curricular activities or administration.

• We have tried our best to make the academic performance of our students the best with teachers who are vibrant and efficient.  

• We have introduced School mobile app to help parents to be more connected to school and students academics. But we are at the initial stages of it, it will take time for all of us to get involved in it. And if we found not effective we may also discontinue with it.

• We have completed half year of academics and most of our students are doing to the best of their ability, is what we observe, we also find poor parental accompaniments in students who are below average in their performance of academics.

Co-Curricular activities

• To give more exposure to the students in sports and games we have coiled the idea of St, Francis Sports academy with number of activities, but there are very few parents who have availed our facilities. The same response from parents for the art and cultural activities.

• We have incorporated to school timings for most of them to take part. But we didn’t see what we intended the number of participants remains the same.

• We were sorry to hear number of complaints in the quality of school shoes, we will come up with consoling solutions in the next academic which will not tax parents so much.

• The parents discussed about the surprise work sheet given to the students are too many and also it’s dropping student’s confident level so the parents requested the management to inform before giving Worksheets.

• Parents requested to have clarity and detailed materials for the Project work given to the students. Principal agreed to look into the matter.

• I’D Cards were delayed due to insufficient details and also no proper photograph of the student.

• Parents also requested to give Home works and project works in hand Book, as it is given in the App students have become ignorant so the works are getting piled up and pressurized.

• Parents are welcome to take up voluntarily for the educational talks and also field trips to improvise students. Ex: Hospital Labs.

PTA committee members are requested to get the feedback and other concerns of the parents which are common and collective in nature and inform the school so that we take necessary action in time.

• Mrs. Sunitha Sangram (Admn Staff)

• Dr. Lavina (Parent Member)

• Dr. Ramesh A (Parent Member)

• Mrs. Joseline Shanthi (Parent Member)

• Dr. Jyothi D N (Parent Member)

• Dr. Vanessa D’Souza (Parent Observer)

• Babitha Navin (Parent Observer)

• Dr. Manu (Parent Observer)