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For continuous assessment and to encourage learning by doing, worksheets and projects are done in all the subjects for all the classes. Projects are done under the guidance of the teacher in the classroom. Marks will be awarded for the worksheets and projects which will be added to the unit test and term exam marks.

All the classes from Nursery to Std IX will have 2 Unit Tests and 2 Term Exams.


Unit Tests &

Term Exams 50 Marks [40 + 5 (Project) + 5 (Average of worksheets) ] '


Unit Tests - 50 Marks [45 + 5 (Average of worksheets)]

Term Exams - 100 Marks [80 + 10 (Project) +10 (Average of worksheets) ]


Unit Tests - 50 Marks [45 + 5 (Average of worksheets)]

Mid Term &

2 Model Exams - 80 Marks [As per ICSE board pattern ]


1. Worksheets will be surprise (the dates will not be announced in advance) tests

    of 10 marks each after every chapter / lesson completed.

2. Project topics will be given well in advance and the students should come well

    prepared with the required materials on the day when the project work has been

    scheduled. Projects should be creative and original.

3. Worksheets, projects and practical exams will not be reconducted.

4. Students who are absent for the Tests and Terminal Examinations for any reason

    other than sickness justified by a doctor’s certificate, will be considered as having


5. No examinations will be held before the time fixed for the examination. No re

    examination will be conducted in case of students absenting themselves from any

    examination or test.

6. Serious misconduct or malpractice in an examination disqualifies a child for the whole


7. Worksheets, projects and practicals will not be reconducted.

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